BVT Quality Policy 2019

Bon Voyage is a holistic travel manager offering high-quality business and leisure travel services. With a personal and relational touch, we have earned a reputation for excellence during our forty-three years in business.

At Bon Voyage Travel, we are committed to delivering affordable value to all our clients with a systematic approach to their specific requirements.

We aim to be the best at everything we do by:

  • Placing the highest value on being customer orientated
  • Complying with regulatory and statutory bodies in our business sector
  • Setting and monitoring the achievements of our quality management system objectives
  • Focusing on efficiency and service standards
  • Continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system

As our training programs entail the understanding, implementation and maintenance of our quality policy at all levels in the organization, the commitments above have been successfully instilled and integrated into all our business processes.

Our quality policy is reviewed every five years and revised whenever there are changes in the organization’s quality management system. Any changes are communicated and availed in a timely manner to all stakeholders.